Based in Sussex, UK, Ottima's belief is that artistic discernment combined with technical ingenuity enhances design. Collaborating with out clients, we unearth the nuances between function and form to develop work that challenges conventional processes and pushes innovation.

We offer unique joinery solutions through our furniture and residential and commercial projects. Our reputation is built on the experiences of our clients and so we focus our efforts on ensuring that projects are met on time to the highest quality possible. We always look to uncover the potential problems our clients may face within each project.

Our experience is ever growing and based upon a wide range of projects - small and large - internationally. Ottima use experience and relationships to thoughtfully source materials from the highest quality suppliers. We have comprised a team of individuals who are experts in creative design, technical drawing, project management, materials, process, logistics and much more. Contact us so we can tailor a full scope service for any requirements that you have.